who we are

Established in 2002, Tiburon Associates, LLC [“Tiburon”] of Oakton, Virginia architects custom global, enterprise level content management solutions, within Unix and Windows environments, primarily in the U.S. Intelligence Community and other U.S. government communities. Our focus is very large (multi-Petabyte) solutions.

Our customers’ solutions feature robust, growth-capable, incident resilient infrastructures that are upward compatible for changing capabilities and requirements. To ensure successful comprehensive implementation, optimum uptime performance, and critically-needed data integrity, Tiburon offers varied levels of engineering support including content management design and architecture, content repository infrastructure design and architecture, storage disaster recovery design and architecture, end-to-end implementation services, as well as system tuning and optimization for ongoing assurance.

The staff at Tiburon has over 20 years of experience in technical design, analysis, and implementation of very large enterprise configurations. This experience includes strategic participation with nearly every U.S. Intelligence entity as well as Fortune 100 U.S. corporations.

For over 7 years, Tiburon engineers have been working closely with customers to support current needs as well as strategic directions, architecting, planning and design of increasingly more robust content management infrastructures.

Additionally, through longstanding relationships with intel customers, Tiburon has architected and implemented the current backup and recovery data assurance solutions for several primary data repositories. Tiburon continues to provide strategic participation in the technical revitalization of the content management solutions and dissemination of that data. Tiburon employees play a key role in database design and development for very large database ingestion processing and maintenance for our customers.

With a focus on U.S. Intelligence requirements, each Tiburon employee understands the importance of adhering to the strict security measures required when dealing with the U.S. intelligence community. Currently, Tiburon is on contract to many intelligence customers.

Tiburon is a service disabled veteran owned small business. Currently, Tiburon specialists provide varied design, architecture, implementation, tuning and assurance support to U.S. intelligence community entities in the Washington DC area and to other areas in the United States as well as Fortune 100 corporations.

Tiburon Associates, LLC is a privately held limited liability corporation, registered in the state of Virginia.